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The Mipro MA-707 Portable PA System is an extremely versatile Public Address (PA) System suited to all manner of rental applications be it outdoor events such as weddings or sport-related or indoor use where the quick setup time and ease of use.

The Mipro MA-707 Portable PA System is a self-contained unit with a 100 Watt amplifier driving an 8-inch full-range speaker via the onboard mixer which includes master and input volume and tone controls. 


Supplied with a speaker stand, the wireless microphone has range is 90m line-of-sight and typically 60-70m in a normal operating environment.


- Battery Powered 

- Line Input for iPod/Phone

- Wireless Microphone

- Great for solutions were there is no power on site.

MiPro Portable PA & Wireless Microphone

  • 1 Night Hire: $110.00 (Incl. Sat to Mon)
    Need to hire longer than 3 days? Contact Us

  • This price is current from October 2019.
    Price includes GST.

    Prices indicate first days rate, second day 50% of the first day rate.

    Weekly hire is charged at 3x first day rate.

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