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This handy party gizmo is equipped with a "Double Bubble Wheel" designed to produce a solid, plentiful amount of bubbles continuously… I mean, what is a party without bubbles?

The B-100X’s mouth directs a high volume of bubbles into the air while simultaneously recycling liquid and eliminating dripping. Easy refills and the included hanging bracket makes the B-100X very user-friendly. Without doubt, the B-100X is sure to make any celebration a more bubbly one. The B-100X contains a control board for wireless and timer remote controls.

Antari B100X Wireless Bubble Machine (Includes Wireless Remote)

  • 1 x Antari Bubble Mainchine 
    1 x Power Cable

  • This price is current from Febuary 2019.
    Price includes GST.

    Prices indicate first days rate, second day 50% of the first day rate.

    Weekly hire is charged at 3x first day rate.

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